Sunday, December 7, 2008

Building Links with Directories

Link building is an effective way to increase search engine ranking and one way links have more impact then simply trading links. Search engines are constantly changing their criteria but there are a few things that are very consistent. One of these is driving the Search Engines back to your site as much as you can through external links.

The real value is that links on other sites to yours pass the Google PR of that particular page to your page. This is called a transfer of page rank and has been one of my closely held secrets over most of my Internet marketing career. If you'd like to see the value of this information, do a Google search for "Internet Marketing Expert" and you'll find my site ( ranked in the #1 position.

Posting to directories is a great way to accomplish this goal of building in-bound links. There are 100’s of directories to submit to and some cost and others are no charge. Each time you are approved and the search engines crawl the directory, it sends the search engines back to your site.

When posting to directories it is also important to position anchor words to improve your keyword relevancy. Using this tactic effectively can support your link building with real juice. Start today with directory submission to deliver value to your search engine optimization campaign.

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