Sunday, October 9, 2011

Starting An Effective SEO Campaign To Improve Rankings

In order to have a site posted on the most popular search result pages, there's some work and time that is involved in getting the results you're looking for. Those who are having trouble getting off the ground do have extra resources on their side - you just need to know where to look. In order to make sure that your site is seen online, an effective SEO campaign needs to happen.

Of course your site needs to be built in order for traffic to starting coming for a visit.  Using sites like WordPress or Blogger make website development easy and even come with plugins to help with your optimization efforts. If you don't create an effective website, you're going to have a hard time being successful. Get with a professional designer in order to come up with a site that people will love to come to and make sure he has basic knowledge of SEO best practices.

Once your site is up and running you want to start developing and generating inbound links to your website.  Creating effective links and back links is essential for improving your rankings. If this is not taken care of, it will be difficult to make that site presence known. Take the time to learn how to create these links and develop them steadily over a sustained period of time.

The right keywords also need to be chosen when publishing your site. These words are what visitors are going to search for to find your site using search engines. If the keywords are not easy to find or use, it will be hard for the site to be found.  Keep that in mind when creating everything for the site.  Do your keyword research up front and it will save you tons of time and effort down the line.

The content on your site needs to be fresh and laid out properly. This is going to help draw in traffic and keep them engaged.  Be sure to include share icons for social media so people can easily share with their network interesting or valuable content. If site owners can't get the content right, hire a professional writer to step in and take care of everything for you.

Now is the best time to get started with SEO tools and techniques. Those who are ready to get ahead will need to take the time to build their site properly and make sure it's marketed the right way. Use services offered by designers and writers that can help in a variety of different ways, especially with improving search engine rankings.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Improve Search Engine Rankings In Less Than 48 Hours!

What if I told you that I've discovered a way to dramatically improve the ranking of any website or  blog in less than 48 hours - guaranteed!  More likely than not you'd be a little skeptical.. and that's a good thing.  Being cautious is natural but simply part of any investigative process.

My name is Michael Fleischner and I've been focused on SEO for over a decade.  You may know me from my appearances on The TODAY Show, ABC World News, or Bloomberg radio.  Not to boast,  but my top-selling book, membership programs, and resources are known throughout the search engine optimization community.  If you want to improve search engine rankings, I can help you.

For a limited time, I'm offering my "Book of Secrets" (which reveals the exact formula I've personally used to achieve top rankings for my many websites and blogs) with step-by-step training videos where you can look over my shoulder and see how to apply simple, yet highly effective techniques for achieving #1 Google rankings.

I'm in the process of launching even more SEO related programs.  As a result, I want to sell my existing inventory of this ebook and training videos.  Normally selling for $297 and up, it's available THIS MONTH ONLY for just $47.  Quantities are limited.  Click here to learn more.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

SEO The Easy Way Now Open

I know that many of you have been asking me for information on SEO Training.  Since the launch of my search engine optimization book a couple of years ago (SEO Made Simple), the demand for SEO training continues to grow.  In an effort to accommodate a large number of students, I have partnered with Internet marketing guru Greg Cesar to launch the SEO Training program: SEO The Easy Way.

This online search engine optimization training program is ideal for anyone who want to learn the specific techniques that I use for achieving top organic placements for my web sites, blogs, and affiliate marketing sites.
Greg and I launched the program just a few short weeks ago and you can watch the video of our presentation by visiting you will find our complete Webinar where I reveal some powerful SEO secrets and let you know how you can take advantage of our online training.  If you'd like to access the program immediately, click here.

As is always the case, if you have general SEO questions or would like to know more about search engine optimization, be sure to leave a comment on this post!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Using Video To Promote Your Website

I've recently been using video to promote my websites and blogs.  The reason I've jumped on the video bandwagon is because Google's Universal search results seem to be displaying video more often.  By creating a video, even if it's simple and basic, is a great way to get your site promoted or listed on the top of search result lists.

Take his video below.  It's a quick tour of one of my sites.  As it gets bookmarked or referenced by others, it's building backlinks that are then redirected to my website URL.  This is done indirectly in that my website URL is in the description of the video on YouTube.

If you're not using video to promote your site you should consider doing so.  This will not only help by promoting the video for certain keywords in search results but also by attracting inbound links.  Open up a YouTube account today and start recording!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogs Improve Search Engine Rankings

Can blogs really improve your rankings?  How exactly can they help? There are a couple of ways in which blogs can help you improve your search engine rankings.  The first way is through what I call the Yahoo! checklist.  The Yahoo search engine likes to see evidence of social media on the sites they rank.

Yahoo's search results are more focused on a younger crowd that is interacting with many different kinds of social media.  As a rsult, they want to see links to Twitter, Facebook, and, you guest it "blogs" coming from your website. When the search spider detects the inclusion or exclusion of these elements, your ranking is impacted.

So the first step is to build a blog and link to it from your web site home page or even better in your navigation so it's accessible from all web pages.  Once this is completed, you're sure to begin moving your search results higher and higher resulting in more traffic to your website.

The second benefit of a blog is that others link to your valuable content.  If your content is original and noteworthy, others will begin to link to you creating tons of inbound links.  By now you should know that a lot of your ranking results have to do with inbound links from high PR web sites.  Blogs serve as a way to attract links to your website on an ongoing basis.

Whether you are new to blogging or a seasoned veteran, know that blogging has many benefits for improving your search engine rankings.  Start with a free service like blogger or wordpress and you'll be well on your way to blogging success.