Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Add The Power of Video To Your Article Marketing

Wow... great post from my friends at Unique Article Wizard... enjoy! Here is a simple way to add the power of video to your article marketing strategy:

1. Write an article or have one created for you at elance or via PLR articles. These are inexpensive and can be found via any article directory or website.

2. Convert that article into a power point presentation. Make sure that you use big fonts because your video will be more than 200 by 200 pixes in size which is relatively small. You want all of your type to appear on screen in large, clear letters. Place your URL or 800 number at the footer of each slide.

3. Turn your Powerpoint presentation into a video presentation by including voice. To do this you can use the free trial from Camtasia or other video recording software. Essentially, the way this works is that you use a piece of software to record your screen while you present. It will marry audio and video together.

The best thing to do is create a number of articles and Powerpoint presentations before you start your free trial because the trial is limited. In addition, once the trial expires, you will lose access to all your files. So, start with a few presentations and then use your thirty days wisely. Record your video in a large format. Another option is to do a video using your webcam - just turn it on and read out your article! But do it in an animated an lively manner.

4. Upload your video to YouTube and other video related websites. The more the merrier. You want to distribute your content to as many video websites as possible to increase exposure.

5. Write a compelling caption that includes your keywords as the anchor tag for the link to your youtube video. You do this by including the tag [link:your desired anchor text here] in your caption.

Why do you do this? This promotes your video within YouTube and in Google search - so if people don't find your article or your site, they might still find your video. Just another way to get noticed! Get started with your article marketing today at Unique Article Wizard!

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