Monday, March 2, 2009

Article Marketing Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

In today's web world, one thing is clear. Content is still king. Writing the right kind of content and disturbing that content, also known as article marketing, can help you establish yourself as an expert and improve your online marketing results.

Getting started with article marketing is easy to do and can pay huge dividends. Many individuals use article marketing to improve search engine rankings, to inform, or to pitch products and services they sell. Regardless of your purpose, consider using article marketing as a great way to build a loyal following.

The proliferation of information online has brought with it varying degrees of content. Some content is valid, other content is purely fictional. When you write, be sure to provide references, examples, or quote data from other sources. This helps to build credibility and informs your audience that your content can be trusted.

Article marketing is actually quite simple. Consider these areas to produce an effective article marketing strategy.

Understand your area fully. Before writing your article you must be comfortable with the subject matter. If the content is a little out of your comfort zone, do some research first. You want to appear as an expert. If you don't, readers will not see you as such and will seek out other content written by someone more knowledgeable.

Create a plan for article writing. How much time do you have to spend on writing articles? Article writing can be lots of fun. For others, it's a complete drag. Think about how much time you are willing to dedicate to article marketing. Develop a plan and consistently executive on that plan day after day and week after week. You can achieve greater results if you develop a consistent approach to article marketing.

Write your article. Write and article on your subject that includes the specific keywords you seek to optimize for. Your article should be between four to seven hundred words. It all depends on the intent and purpose of the article. After you write your article make sure you proof it for spelling and grammatical errors.

Submit your article to article directories. This is a great way to get your information published quickly and easily. Register with an article directory like Ezinearticles or GoArticles. By doing so, you will have a place to submit your articles and build an author profile. Webmasters use these article directories to find content for their website. Additionally, article directories give you added exposure in a given topic area.

Article marketing has many benefits. The most important aspect of article marketing, in my opinion is to clearly understand what you want to use it for, building a plan, and consistently creating and distributing content. This is essential for long term success.

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