Monday, June 8, 2009

Improve Website Rankings With This Helpful Tool...

Are you looking for a tool that can give you a really good review and analysis of your current web site? A friend recently asked me for some free tools that would help give him and SEO review of his site and give him specific areas to focus on.

Here are the two tools I recommend. The first is HubSpot. This tool requires you to enter your name, email, and URL. In just a few short seconds, it returns a site analysis that allows you to quickly identify trouble spots related to your website.

My second pick is Website optimization dot com. At this site, you simply enter your URL, captcha text and go... you'll find a full report of website load speeds, objects, etc. I find this tool particularly helpful to ensure that my site is truly optimized.

Enjoy these free tools and recommend some of your own for SEO.

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Managed Services said...

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