Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Damn... It Really Is All About Domain Age

So an interesting thing happened.  I took on a challenge from a friend to get a new web site ranked #1 in 30 days or less.  After buying a great URL and starting to promote the site, I found that getting indexed was more of a challenge than I thought.  In fact, I used one of my most popular blogs to promote the site using the link text get rid of abdominal fat which included the keywords I was trying to optimize for.

You know what happened?  I get the blog post ranked in the 3rd position.  You might say "great" but that totally wasn't what I was going for.  I'm trying to get the site well ranked not blog posts that talk about it.  As I began to further optimize the site using on page optimization, social media, and inbound linking, I quickly realized that I can't make Google move any faster.

Where does that leave me?  About a week into the challenge, I'm still waiting for indexing.  Now, once I'm indexed perhaps I'll start to see good movement.  However, I am definitely concerned that things are not going more quickly.  I guess the next few weeks will be critical to making my goal.  Personally, I think it all boils down to domain age.  I think I'll have to go over to GoDaddy auctions and buy one of the "aged domains"... that will be next step.

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