Monday, December 21, 2009

Improve Web Site Rankings With Link Juice

So what exactly is "link juice".  Well, before I answer that question, let me start with the value of inbound links to your web site the impact that has on improving web site rankings.  Google loves to see web sites that are getting links from well established sites on the Internet.

When your site is getting links from other web sites that have age, Google PR, and inbound links to them, it serves as a vote of confidence.  The more votes you receive from credible websites, the more confidence Google has in you.  It's actually a great system comprised of multiple factors.  These factors are captured in what is referred to as Google PR.

Where does link juice come in?  Link juice refers to the value that links from particular web sites pass on to you.  Let's say that you have a site with Google PR of 3 but receive a link from a PR5 site - now that's link juice.  Not only will this help you with search engine rankings, but it can also improve the Google PR of your own site. 

Your Google PR is directly correlated to the Google PR of sites linking in to yours.  The higher their PR, the higher yours will be as well.  In essence, you should always be looking for link juice - it's powerful and can help you improve your search rankings.

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