Sunday, January 31, 2010

Achieve Top Search Rankings In About 30 Days

Can you really achieve top search engine rankings with a new site?  I recently attempted first page rankings for an affiliate web site that I created. The challenge was to select a product, research keywords, and buy a domain.  The product I chose was a popular weight loss product.

After doing some keyword research, I decided to optimize around the key phrase of get rid of abdominal fat.  In just 24 hours after purchasing the URL, I had a site up and running.  The key however was that I was using original content and didn't include any of my affiliate links... at least not yet.

I applied some basic SEO techniques including on page optimization and off page optimization.  It took a solid week to ten days to get the site indexed by the major search engines.  Once it was, I started to see a slow and steady move towards the first page of Google.  Oddly enough, a lot of what I did to promote the site was bring ranked higher than the site itself.

Within 30 days, I got the site ranked number one on Yahoo.  Less than a week later I was on the first page of Google for the search term I wanted.  Very soon, I'll be releasing a video course showing the exact techniques I used to achieve top rankings in about 30 days.  If you do your research right and structure your site appropriately (plus mix in some off page optimization), you'll be able to dramatically improve your search engine rankings.


Mihir said...

hey hi Michael,wel i had a query for u..if i hav 3 links from my homepage to same inner page,does PR of homepage gets divided into 3 links or only 1 link,as it goes to same page wid same anchor text for 3 links?? wating for ur answer..

sonix said...

Hi, Mihir, well according to me the PR does not get divided but it will also not give those pages the same Pr as the home page but just some weightage to those inner link pages, it depends on google how it reacts and around what you have posted them (LSI SEO), i hope you know that and that i have given your answer.