Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Choosing and SEO Company: Tips and Strategies

Here are a few things to consider if you are going to use a search engine firm to design your website or blog.

1. Does the SEO firm set realistic expectations about what they can or can't do? If your design firm is promising number one rankings for even the most competitive terms, then reconsider their abilities. Design alone cannot achieve specific number one ranking outcomes.

2. Can the SEO company prove success? Has the company your considering shown an ability to improve rankings for another client? Was the increase in rankings related to competitive as long as long-tail keywords? Check on previous clients and confirm results.

3. Will the SEO company document everything? Once the search engine company or consultant is long gone, you're going to want to apply what you've learned. If there is no documentation or knowledge transfer, you'll be exactly where you started. SEO takes time and a consistent effort to achieve success.

Finally, does the company you're considering use manual methods of link building and improving rankings or are they fully automated. The best companies use both. Consider the techniques the company will use (white hat or black hat) and make a decision based on honesty and previous results. These are the best factors to consider before you spend a dollar on search engine optimization.

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